Use A Potty Training Doll To Learn How To Go Potty

There are multiple methods when it comes to potty training. You can potty train your daughter in a variety of ways, as well as combine methods too. One way of teaching potty training is to mimic behaviors.

So there is allowing your child to watch you or anyone else in the home go potty on the toilet. As she watches you she decides to mimic this behavior. She can see you going, see what is happening in the bathroom and that it is not scary too.

Mimicking behavior is a common way of teaching potty training, since it is how most children learn everything they do at a young age. That is how they learn to eat, speak, walk and even play.

They watch and learn. Using this method of potty training works very well and is very effective in teaching your daughter to potty train. Whether you are a mother or father, your daughter can watch.

She will not become confused if she watches her father go to the bathroom and she will learn that she does not need to stand to pee. You want her to mimic the action of using the bathroom to go pee and poop more than anything else and watching either parent is fine.

However, if you are not comfortable with this or maybe she is still not catching on yet, there is also the option of using potty training dolls too. These are anatomically correct and your child can practice with the doll going potty on the toilet before she does.

She can play with the doll, feed it and than place it on the toilet to go pee and poop. She will still be mimicking the behavior, but of the doll instead. She can see that it is not scary still and the doll has a potty chair of their own too.

You will also be able to have her sit on her potty chair at the same time as the doll does, so that they can go together at the same time and she can do what the doll is doing. She can have the doll with her when she goes if this makes her feel better as well. Using dolls to teach potty training is effective as well.

There is also the option of using both of these methods. Allow your daughter to watch you, as well as practice with a doll too. This works well sense she is watching and practicing with the doll too. She is able to watch mommy or daddy go and than use what she has seen with the doll.

It will really come down to what your daughter responds to and what works best for her. There is no one method that works best, since every child is different and responds to potty training differently too. So it may be a case of trial and error as well to see what your daughter likes and what motivates and keeps her interested in using the potty.

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