Top 10 Tips On When To Potty Train Girls

If you are wondering when to start potty training your daughter or you are looking for tips on potty training, than you are not alone. It is a common question many parents have about potty training their child and there is no right answers either.

It will depend a lot on your child and their personality and there is nothing wrong with that either. Some tips to keep in mind when it comes to potty training girls are:

  1. You are working together with your daughter for them to be potty trained. However, this does not always mean they will go, just because you brought them to the bathroom. You will have to work with them to teach them to use the potty.
  2. You need to remember that you are not a bad parent if your daughter is toilet trained later than other children. Parenting skills are not based on who has their child potty trained first. It is more about teaching your child to go potty on the toilet and letting them learn as well.
  3. Keep in mind that potty training is a fun and exciting time for you and your child. They are growing up and learning new things, as well as learning to control their bodies too. Your daughter is becoming a big girl and this is scary and fun all at the same time. Consider potty training to be fun as a way to instruct your child and not just a task or dreaded event that has to be taken care of. You want your daughter to have good potty habits and a healthy attitude towards the toilet too. So the more patient and understanding you are, the more fun she will have and the sooner she will be potty trained too.
  4. Going potty on the toilet is not an easy task. It is actually a complex skill for children to learn, since there are multiple muscles and body parts involved in the process. Your child has to recognize the feelings in their body, that is telling them that they need to go, get themselves to the bathroom, get their pants down, get on the toilet and than go. So it is not as simple as it first appears when a child is trying to learn all this. 
  5. Keep in mind that children learn nighttime bowel control, than daytime, than nighttime bladder control and than daytime bladder control. This is actually the process that their bodies go through.
  6. Girls are not necessarily easier to potty train than boys, it is just that they only have to sit and do not have to learn to stand also. Your daughter may or may not learn any faster than a boy, depending on her own personality and how she takes to potty training.
  7. There is no pressure to potty train your daughter sooner than she is actually ready. The sooner she is potty trained does not mean you are a better or worse parent for it.
  8. You do need to guide your daughter in the direction of toilet training though too. You should be bringing it up as she gets older and beginning to talk about it also, so that when you do start potty training her, she will be comfortable with the process and what will be happening. 
  9. You do not have to potty train your daughter because in laws, family or other friends say it is time or that is when they did it. Again, keep in mind that your child is different than their children and you do not need to potty train simply because they did at a certain age.
  10. Children, girls and boys, are being potty trained later than ever before. This is okay and there are still diapers available in larger sizes if you are waiting to potty train your daughter. Again, it will vary from child to child when it comes to when they are potty trained. 
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