Tips When Traveling While Potty Training A Girl

One of the first things we all learn when we are potty training is that we cannot stay home all the time with our daughter until she learns to potty train. It is one of those things that is not really thought of until after potty training has started and you realize you need to go to the store or run an errand or there is a family trip coming up.

The potty training still has to continue even when your daughter is away from home. It cannot stop or be put off, since this could be confusing to her and could put her back with the potty training process.

Here are some great tips to keep her going even on the road!

Don't go back to diapers!

You also cannot use diapers when you are out and about or traveling with your daughter either. This too can be confusing, as well as make her want to only use diapers, since they are what she is used to and already knows also. Instead, the potty training has to continue and she still needs to be in potty training pants when she is out, in the car, on a plane or anywhere else away from home.

However, it can be hard for children to adjust to going potty somewhere else besides their home. All their comfort objects are there and everything they need is there too. Plus, this is what they are used to and where they have been taught to go from the beginning, so it can at first be hard for them to switch gears and have to start potty training somewhere else.

Get a travel potty chair or seat!

She can potty train when traveling and when out doing errands and other things. To make this happen you will definitely want to have a travel potty seat or potty chair to take with you. Either way, having a travel potty seat or chair is needed and is a necessity too. Many fold up and can be easily placed in a diaper bag or even a purse, so they are discreet, very light and easy to take along.

Here are a few that we carry:

Don't forget the extras!

Keep the communication going...

Lastly, you will also want to make sure that she knows in advance that she will be using these items to make the transition easier. You may want to let her use them at home first even so that she is comfortable with them already when the time comes for her to use them when traveling or out and about.

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