Potty Training Twin Girls

If you have twin girls or two girls that are close in age and ready to potty train, this is actually a very good thing, since you will be getting the potty training all done at the same time and they can use each other as motivators too. Potty training multiple girls or twins will take a little more of your time.

This is mainly because even though the girls are twins or multiples close in age, every child reacts differently to potty training. So one child may catch on quicker or understand faster than the other child. There is nothing wrong with this and it is very normal to have happen too. Also, one child may go pee but not poop, while the other daughter is the opposite.

However, even though they are different, you can still have them both potty trained at the same time without a problem. Again, initially it will take more time on your part, since their own potty habits will be different. But you can get them on the same schedule so that they are going at the same time.

You will want to watch when each of the girls goes, how often and when they pee or poop, so you know when you need to get them to the bathroom. After this though, you can start trying to take them at the same times, to get them ion the habit of going and to have bathroom time at the same times throughout the day, so that you are not running to the bathroom all day and spending the entire day in there.

You will also want to make sure that you have a potty chair for each girl and even a potty step stool too for each. You don't want them both needing to go at the same time and than having to wait to use the bathroom, since there is only one chair. This will also cut back on fights over using the bathroom.

The easier it is for them to go when they need to, the more likely they will be to want to go than too. This is the same with the potty step stool so that they both can wash their hands at the sink after going and there is no competition than to get to the stool first or fighting over who gets to go first than either.

Having multiple items also includes if you are using a potty charts or potty rewards as well. They should each have their own calendar to keep track of their progress on, as well as their own potty training doll and stickers or other rewards also. This reduces confusion over placing the stickers on the calendar when they successfully go, as well as they each have their own doll to practice with and take to the bathroom them as well.

Keep in mind too, that because there are two girls they can learn from each other and feel safe in the bathroom too when going at the same time. This is a great way to use model potty training, especially if one girl is catching on quicker than the other. The other daughter can see what her sister is doing and learn from that too.

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