Potty Training Girls

Potty Training Girls

Potty training is a learning experience for both parents and children. When it comes to potty training girls, the good news is that girls are a little more advanced than boys. However, it will still take persistence and consistency to help teach them to use the potty and no longer use a diaper.

One of the first steps that can be taken when potty training girls is to let them watch when another adult uses the bathroom. If they are already showing an interest in the bathroom, than this is an even better sign that they are ready to begin the toilet training process. It is important to let her see women use the bathroom, since she will be going the same way and watching daddy or brothers go, may confuse her. She does need to understand that she needs to sit and not stand to go pee and poop, regardless of what daddy and brothers do.

Make sure that she also has what she needs to use the toilet. Having a potty seat so she can sit properly is important; as well as making sure that she is comfortable too. There are dozens of different types of potty seats available. Depending on the size of your little girl, a potty seat that sits on the floor may be more appropriate if she is smaller, while a seat that sits on the toilet may work for a little girl that is taller. However, it is also important to have a potty step stool for her to use to get on the toilet. The easier and more comfortable it is for her to go, the more likely she will want to go and use the bathroom.

If you are using a potty chair or potty seat, decorate it!!! We offer easy peel wall stickers, anything that lets her know that it is her own and a special place for her to use the potty. You can begin with her sitting on it with her clothes on so she becomes comfortable with the seat. This can be helpful to do for a week or so. Let her keep her diaper on and just sit on it. Then when she seems comfortable with the seat, have her sit on it without a diaper and with her pants down. Again, this can be done for a week or so as well, to further get her comfortable with the potty seat. However, do not pressure a child when potty training, this can make her uncomfortable and she may begin to resist the toilet training.

Don't forget the big girl panties also. Get the characters that she likes best as a way to motivate and encourage her to go. There is a better chance she would not want to soil the pretty panties she has. Let her choose them in the store, so that she is actively involved in the potty training process. Also, keep in mind to celebrate every time she succeeds at going on the potty. Celebrating her success will encourage her to go as well. If need be even use rewards for every time she goes, for instance making a potty treasure chest for her to choose a reward from each time she goes. ​

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