Potty Training Girls: Signs Of Readiness

If you have a daughter, you may be wondering when she will be ready to potty train. Every child is different, so there is no exact right age or time to start potty training her. Instead, it will be the signs that she shows you that she is ready to start potty training.

Every child learns at different speeds and catches on to potty training differently, so it will really depend on your daughter's personality and how she takes to it and develops with the potty training.

However, again there are signs to look for that will let you know that she is ready to start or at least start the pre-potty training process to begin with. Since every child is different, how quickly you move through the pre-potty training to the potty training will vary. But, if she is showing all of these signs or a just a few of them, you will know that she is ready to begin.

Signs to look for include:

When your daughter is showing some or all of these signs, than it is a perfect time to get started, since she has naturally become interested in wanting to go and use the bathroom.

You do not want her to lose interest in going to the bathroom. So it is important to get started right away when you see her exhibiting these signs of wanting to go. This will make the entire potty training process so much easier and it will also be more fun and exciting too.

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