Potty Training Girl Schedule

Creating a schedule when it comes time to potty train your daughter can make the entire process so much easier for you and for your daughter too. There is no right schedule to choose or go by, instead it is more about what will work best for you, your daughter and the rest of the family as well.

Every child is different and the schedule that is used will be created based on your daughter's specific needs and how you plan to go about potty training her too. However, one aspect of the potty training schedule that any parent needs to know when it comes to creating one, is when their daughter goes pee, poop and when both happen.

This makes creating the schedule so much easier, since you will than know when you need to be getting her to the bathroom. To determine these times, you will want to:

Having all this information will allow you to make a potty training schedule that fits when she goes. Also, knowing what she does when she needs to go or right before she does, means you can get her to the bathroom at those times too. You can take her every hour when potty training, however for some parents this can be harder to do, especially if there are other children in the household to take care.

However, it will really come down to the amount of time you have and how you want to go about potty training your daughter. There is no right answer and it will also depend on how your daughter takes to potty training too. If she picks it up quickly, you'll have her potty trained in no time and she will immediately begin doing it on her own. Other times children take a little longer and that is okay too.

Remember, stay calm when potty training and choose the schedule that works best for her and her habits.

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