Potty Training A Girl with Special Needs (Mental and Physical Disorders)

If you have a daughter with special needs, whether they be mental or physical special needs, you already know some of the challenges and blessings that come with raising a child with special needs.

Potty training in many ways is no different than teaching your daughter anything else when it comes to working within her needs physically and mentally. You can still have a very enjoyable experience with her when it comes to potty training and watching her learn new things too.

It is still important milestone for her to meet and even with physical or mental limitations; she can still successfully be potty trained. It can still be a lot of fun and an exciting time for you both.

Make sure that you still get a potty chair or potty seat for your daughter. There are potty chairs that are lower to the ground and do have a back on them, as well as handles on the side too to make going so much easier.

She will be able to get on the toilet and this will help make her want to go on there. There are also potty seats that are placed on the toilet and there are steps attached to the front, as well as handrails and handles on the sides too.

These also have backs and can be much more comfortable for a daughter that is taller or learning at a later age and will not be comfortable on a potty chair that is so low to the ground. 

You will also want to make sure to use the language that they understand when it comes to potty training. So if you are your daughter already use sign language at home to communicate, this can be used for potty training too.

You can use your own hand gestures that she understands to tell her it is time to use the bathroom and come up with gestures so she can tell you that she needs to go too. You will be incorporating potty training language into the language that you are already using essentially and that she already understands.

You will still want to watch when she goes, how often she goes and when she goes poop and pee too, so that you can take her to the bathroom so that one of those times she might go on the potty.

You can also incorporate or using the potty training in one day method. This method was specifically created for children with special needs in mind to have them potty trained quickly and efficiently.

The basics of this method is to take your daughter to the potty every hour until she goes on the potty on her own, letting her recognize what the feelings were before she went potty and so she starts to recognize the feelings in her body.

Using this method can have your child potty trained in one day approximately, since throughout the day she will go potty on the toilet and see that she has gone.

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