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Potty Power DVD

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Who doesn't like to watch TV? That is why, Potty Power DVD is one of the fastest selling potty training aids on the market.

Potty Power "Say Good-bye to Diapers" is a clever and entertaining potty training movie that has really children going potty.

This potty training video are for toddlers to watch, start thinking about and learning how to go potty. Repeated viewings will keep the idea of potty training fresh in your childs mind. Songs such as "No More Diapers for Me", "Proud to Wear My Underwear" and the "Potty Power" theme song encourage kids to become potty trained. While songs like, "The Toilet Paper Roll" and "Gotta Wash Your Hands", model correct and appropriate skills for proper toilet hygiene. The humorous story of "The Princess and the Potty" will make kids want to watch the program over and over again.

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ColorBlue, Black
Product TypeDVDs
Product GenderUnisex
Product AudienceKids
PublisherBig Kids Productions
Average Customer Rating: 4.1428571428571
Based On 7 Reviews
4 Stars - Opened Packages are Non-returnable (Dec 10, 2008) Reviewer: Anonymous

The ones I ordered are a little too big, and they are not returnable according to the website. Just make sure you take measurements and don't go by the weight guide when ordering. NOTE from Potty Training Concepts: Any unopened underwear packages are returnable. Just opened packages are non-refundable.

5 Stars - Home Day Care Provider (Aug 30, 2010) Reviewer: Holly Pankau

I love this DVD all the kids love it and they are excited to try to potty after viewing.

They watch it over and over.

Great songs and story.

5 Stars - Waterproof Pull on pants (Feb 02, 2011) Reviewer: N.Borsell

Seem to be working well for my 3 yr old. I measured her thighs first to get proper size. I am using them with regular underwear underneath, and for the most part they contain the urine, until you slide them down, so if you get the other clothes off first and have some wipes or paper ready, it's not too bad. I usually have tights on her too, and there is sometimes about a half dollar spot that leaks out. To me though, this is still much better than pee all over the couches and floors along with the ensuing trails.Also it rarely gets to her pants. It does also prompt her to tell me faster (although still not in time). Also, I have been able to hand wash, roll in a towel, and then just set over the heat registers to dry in about 15-20 minutes, which is nice so I didn't have to buy more than one 2-pack, and I don't have to run laundry just to keep up with them. I would definitely buy or use these again.

4 Stars - A good (Nov 28, 2008) Reviewer: Traci Jaeger

I personally felt this DVD was well done for the intended purpose. My 2 1/2 year old son watched the DVD many times in the first few days.

Our first attempt after watching the DVD and trying to start potty training was a no go. However, he continued to show interest in the DVD off and on and talked about what he had learned from the DVD.

A couple months later he initiated using the toilet and he's done great ever since. We are on our way.

He continues to enjoy watching "Potty Power" and it reinforces what he's learning and that it's a good thing to be a "big kid" with no more diapers.

It was a good motivator for him. I'm happy I bought it.

5 Stars - This video worked for us! (Nov 28, 2008) Reviewer: MM

Our daughter is now going potty thanks to Potty Power. She loves the video and asks to watch it everyday.

Since receiving this video she sat on the potty a lot more than usual (she has a baby sister which had slowed things down) Now she is going to the potty all the time.

She takes the potty to the "big" potty and flushes bye-bye which she learned from once upon a potty. She also loves to yell "Potty Power!" when she went successfully.

I am so thrilled with this video. I also recommend this video for children with mild disabilities.

4 Stars - Video Review of the Potty Power DVD (Jun 11, 2012) Reviewer: Narmin Parpia

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2 Stars - Musical potty scotty a bust! (Dec 10, 2008) Reviewer: Leanne Mason

I loved the concept but found this potty chair to be a disappointment. After having it one week the music stopped working. Customer service was very helpful and sent out a new one immediately. However the second had the same problem. Then the first one (which we kept as a secondary) started to work again. It went off in the middle of the night!! I still have both but have had my husband pull out the sensors as it sometimes works and sometimes not. It is unpredictable and not reliable for training purposes. The sizing was great so I would recommend the non musical potty scotty. Potty Training Concepts Response: We have contacted the manufacturer and replaced all defective sensors in the musical chairs.

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