Potty Training Accidents

Potty Training Accidents How to handle accidents...
Accidents in potty training can and should be a normal part of the training period.

Since children are in the process of mastering bladder and bowel control, it is perfectly normal for them to experience accidents.

Accidents should be handled with consistency, calmness, and a positive attitude.

Parents who feel themselves growing frustrated or angry need to step away from the situation and regain calmness.

Accidents should never be looked upon as a negative part of training; they are a necessary part of learning many steps of toileting.

Feeling the Need to Go
One of the first skills that a toddler will learn about is how to recognize his or her own body's signals. Accidents happen as the child is discovering the cause and effect of particular physical sensations such as a full bladder.

Once the child has walked through a number of accidents he or she will begin to relate the feeling of urgency with the need to eliminate in the potty.

These opportunities can be used to reinforce where the child must go when he or she feels the need to potty by practicing.

Take the child to a few different places in the home and have the child walk quickly to the potty chair and practice sitting on the potty.

Use your own terms to communicate to her that when she senses the urgency to "go" that she must go to the potty quickly.

Wet and Dry
Accidents will also reinforce the concepts of Wet vs. Dry. Basic ideas such as having wet pants are best learned through real experience.

Use these accidents to reinforce those realities by asking the child to feel his or her wet pants and to verbally say, "My pants are wet".

Conversely, a parent may use the positive reinforcement of dry pants in the same fashion, simply change the verbal cue to, "My pants are dry!"

Some parents may choose to use accidents as a way to teach responsibility, as well.

Children can be taught how to clean up after themselves very easily.

Though they may not perform these tasks with the same accuracy as a parent, it is a valuable lesson to begin at an early age.

Keep a supply of rags and training pants in an easily accessible place and instruct toddler how to clean up wet messes, as well as how to get into clean underclothing.

Do not include any chemicals in the clean-up

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