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Potty Training in One Day PRODUCTS

Be sure to browse Potty Training in One Day BUNDLED products for great VALUE Packages of products you may need.

What is it?

Potty Training in One Day is proven method for potty training, that has successfully been used by many parents - see customer testimonials .

It is supported by pediatricians and psychologists including Dr. Phil (who has had two shows on this method!)

This method is growing in popularity due to today's busy lifestyles - especially when your child can go from diapers to accident free as quickly as one day to a maximum of two weeks!

Does it really work?

You bet it does!

Dr. Phil has done not one, but two shows where he showed Moms & Celebrity Moms ( Holly Peete Robinson and Vanessa Marcil) how to use this method!

Read some of our parent testimonial to see how this has worked for them.

What do I need?

To learn how to use this method, we suggest that you get the book & DVD set.

You will need a number of other items as well. At a minimum, for your child you will need a potty chair(s), some potty training pants and potty doll. We have some great products for potty training in one day that are bundled together to save you money.

So spend a few minutes looking around you - you will find everything you need to potty train your little girl right here!!

How do I get started?

If you are convinced that this is the right method for you and your child, then go for the gusto. Consider getting the complete system for girls - it is a great value and go for it!

If you are not too sure about this method, do some reading online, or get the book & DVD and decide if this is right for you and your child.

Position yourself for success. Take the time to understand the method and to decide if this is the right method for you and for your child!!

Here at Potty Patty, we believe that just like parenting techniques, there are a number of ways / methods to potty train your child. It is NOT one shoe fits all. So, figure out which potty training method suits you and your family / parenting style and position yourself for success by using that method!

Want more information?

Visit the Potty Training in One Day web site to get a LOT more information on this method.

Be sure to browse Potty Training in One Day BUNDLED products for great VALUE Packages of products you may need.

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