How To Potty Train Using A Potty Patty Doll

If you are planning to start potty training your daughter and you have chosen to use the Potty Patty doll, this is a great and fun way to teach potty training. You will be using a mimicking method of potty training by using the Potty Patty doll.

This model is based on your daughter mimicking what she is seeing the doll doing and practicing with the doll too, before it is her time to start potty training. The Potty Patty dolls are anatomically correct and do pee and poop on the potty.

They come in a variety of choices to choose from, such as the doll, training pants and a doll sized potty to larger kits that have those items, plus changes of clothes, books and CDs too. So, which you choose will be based on what your daughter's and your needs are.

However, either way, this is a great way to introduce potty training to your daughter and make it a lot of fun too, since she can play with the doll all the time and take it with her when she starts to potty on the toilet as well.

Potty training using the Potty Patty doll requires that at first you let your daughter practice with it. Let her play with the doll, see that it looks like her and has the same parts.

She can play with it at first and than have her start to feed it the baby foods and liquids, so that the doll pees and poops. When the doll needs to go, have your daughter put her on the potty in the bathroom.

You can have her do this in a kitchen or living room, however the bathroom is better, since you want your daughter to pee and poop in the bathroom on her potty seat. Some children learn in a different room and get used to that and only want to go there than. So, the bathroom is the best choice and option.

Have your daughter's potty chair in the bathroom as well with the Potty Patty doll too. Explain to your daughter what the doll is doing and what she will be doing. Have her place the doll on the potty seat and your daughter can even sit on hers, even if she still has her pants on.

She can sit there with the doll to get comfortable with it. Do this a few times and than have your daughter sit on the seat with her pants down. She may not go, but the doll will and this may encourage her to go though too.

How long you go through the process of practicing with vary from child to child. But, give her time to get comfortable with the potty chair and watching what the doll is doing too.

At some point your daughter may actually go on the potty herself than. In the beginning you can take her to the bathroom with the doll to practice with every couple of hours, than move to every hour with her pants down and with the doll.

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