How To Potty Train A Stubborn Girl

So you are ready to start the potty training process and your daughter is too. She has shown signs of wanting to learn to be potty trained and that she is mentally ready to begin as well.

However, she is stubborn about learning new things. So, though she is ready and she is showing signs of being ready, she is also not interested in learning to potty train since it is something new and different. Keep in mind, that many times when children are being stubborn about learning something new it is not necessarily because they do not want to learn it or that they are intentionally trying to make life difficult. Many times kids are stubborn due to the fact that learning new things does scare them and that is how they express it is through being stubborn and not cooperating instead.

If your daughter is being stubborn about potty training it may have more to do with the fear of growing up and learning something new than her just not wanting to learn.

When it comes to dealing with a stubborn daughter when you are potty training, staying patient and calm will be the key. You do not want to get upset by her behavior, since many times this lets her know that what she is doing is bothering you and getting a reaction from you.

These negative reactions so to speak can actually make her want to keep repeating the behavior, since it is letting her see a distinct reaction from you and emotions. Instead stay calm and when need be let her know that you two will stop the potty training for a bit and come back to it later.

You may also have to go back to the potty training books and videos that you have too. Let her watch these again to see that there is nothing to be scared of and how easy it is to use the bathroom, that it is fun and she can do it too. Also, you may want to let her watch you use the bathroom or anyone else in the home, so she can mimic what is being done.

Furthermore, part of potty training a stubborn girl will be to use potty training rewards to keep her motivated and interested in potty training. If she is being stubborn about going potty on the toilet, giving her small trinkets when she succeeds or stickers even may be the way to get her to move past not wanting to go.

These can be anything that she likes and that will work best for her. Some kids also respond to having a potty training chart that they can place stickers on to keep track of their progress or other potty training charts to use to keep track of when they are going and to remind them to go too. 

Using these rewards or anything else that she likes will help move her into wanting to go potty on the toilet, since she gets something each time for her efforts.

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