How To Potty Train A Girl If You Are A Single Dad

Even though you are a single father, you can still potty train your daughter. It really is not that different when it comes to potty training a boy or girl.

Actually the good news is that with girls, they are only taught to sit, so there is no teaching to stand and sit when it comes to potty training your daughter, which does make that easier.

However, you will still need to make sure that there are some items that you have on hand, to make the potty training process much easier.

These include:

Part of potty training is letting your little girl see others use the bathroom, just like in the books and videos. She can watch you use the bathroom, try to sit to pee as often as you can when she is watching. Have her sit on her potty chair while you are in the bathroom, and don't forget to TALK. Keep those lines of communication open even in the bathroom.

Don't forget to enlist help from others! She can also watch grandmothers, aunts, cousins or even other siblings too to see them go to the bathroom as well.

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