How To Handle Potty Accidents

Potty accidents are inevitable when you are teaching potty training to your child. They cannot be helped and it is not your child's fault either. They really are not doing it on purpose. Instead, it is because they do not have all the feelings in their body to let them know that they need to use the bathroom, that their bladder is full or that they need to poop.

It happens and there is no reason to become upset with your child when it happens. This can actually upset them more and make them not want to use the potty if you become angry with them for having an accident.

Getting upset or making them think that they did something wrong will only deter them from wanting to use the potty. Instead, stay very calm and help them to get cleaned up. Let them know it is okay and that they can try again later when they make it to the bathroom.

You may also want to take them to the bathroom sooner next time so that they do not have an accident. Maybe they need to go to the bathroom every 45 minutes instead of every hour to ensure that they are able to go potty on the toilet. Remember, this is very upsetting to them too when they have an accident.

They are wet or soiled in their training pants. This is uncomfortable and may be embarrassing for them too, making them feel bad. The less big deal that you make about it, the less likely that they will feel bad and they will want to continue on with potty training than too.

Also, keep in mind that when a child is older and has been potty training for awhile and succeeding at it, the accident may be a case of not wanting to stop what they are doing to use the bathroom.

In this case, you can have your child help clean up the mess that they made. They can put their clothing in the dirty laundry, as well as wipe up anything from the accident. This alone is usually enough of a deterrent to not have an accident again. Especially when you have them change themselves and clean up the mess. It is a reminder than not to forget to go to the bathroom as well.

However, also remember that nighttime potty training is different than daytime potty training and there will be accidents at this time too. Your child may not have all the feelings available to them yet that wake them up to let them know that they need to use the bathroom.

This can be very frustrating for children too, since they are going during the day, but having accidents at night. Again, stay calm and do not get upset at them. Instead let them know again that it is okay and make sure that they are using the bathroom before going to bed and lessen the amount of liquids they have before bed too, to help cut back on any chance of accidents happening.

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