How To Best Handle Potty Training Setbacks

It is not uncommon to have set backs when you begin potty training your child. They are learning something new and growing up too. They realize they are no longer a baby and this can make them not want to potty train than too. Set backs are very common and there is nothing wrong with your child or you as a parent.

It happens and can happen for a number of reasons. Set backs can occur when children become stressed especially. This can include moving to a new home, becoming sick or ill, a new sibling coming home, a divorce or separation or a death in the family too.

Stress can make children very upset, as well as it affects their body too. Many times stresses make it more difficult for your child to go to the bathroom and they do not want to for a while or may not even feel that they need to go, which is the case when they become sick or ill.

Depending on the situation, a set back with potty training does not mean you will not be able to have your child potty trained or that they will never learn. Instead, it may mean taking a break from potty training for a bit until things settle down and the normal routine is established again.

This is especially true of divorces, separations, moving to a new home or a death in the family. These events are upsetting for everyone involved and the routine is normally disrupted too.

So the potty training schedule is not there or your child is trying to get used to a new home or situation. It is okay to stop the potty training for awhile and let your child know that they will be taking break.

Make sure they understand that it is only a break until things settle down again. How long the break will be will be determined by your child and you. If your child adapts and adjusts to the new environment in a week or so, that start the potty training again.

If they take a little longer, wait till they have adjusted and than start again. They can wear diapers at this time temporarily and you should let them know the diapers are only temporary too.

If your child has become sick, than stopping the potty training until they are feeling better is fine too. Again, you can use diapers during this time and let your child know that you will be stopping for a bit until they are feeling better.

If they are bed ridden or very ill, trying to potty train at this time will not be successful, since the illness and medications will be affecting their body. They may actually not feel at all that they have to go or they are sleeping heavily from the medications that they have to take. Once they are feeling better, you can start back with the potty training.

However, with a new sibling coming home, a set back is common, since the new baby is getting more attention and your child may be feeling left out or that they need to behave like a baby to get the same attention. Potty training can and should continue. There may be a set back, but continue on with the potty training, since this is their time with you and they will get back into the swing of things with potty training than.

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