Cloth Training Pants VS Pull Ups

As parents we all see the great commercials about Pull Ups and similar diaper like training pants that can be used when you begin potty training. These seem wonderful, your child can pull them on and off and there are no messes to clean up than either if your daughter does go and does not make it to the toilet.

It seems like a great idea and a perfect way to start a child potty training. However, the reality is that diapers, Pull Ups and similar underwear type items actually do not teach potty training at all.

They are actually a hindrance to potty training instead. Though Pull Ups and certain nighttime type diapers say that you can potty train your daughter with them, they are actually pretty much identical to diapers and your child will not learn to be potty trained when using them.

Instead, these pull moisture and wetness away from your child so that they never feel wet or uncomfortable when they go. They are the same as a diaper in that there is no feeling there to alert your child that they have gone and make them want to use the potty.

Not only that, but trying to tell your child to wear these and than go on the potty will not make sense and actually confuse your child. Why would they take the effort to go on the potty when they can still go in their pants and have no mess too?

Though no parent wants to clean up an accident from a potty training daughter, these actually help teach your daughter to use the toilet. She does not want to be wet or soiled and using cloth-training pants lets her know when she is.

The cloth training pants do come in waterproof designs, as well as there are waterproof covers that can be placed over the cloth training pants too. Your child will still feel that they are wet or soiled, but there will be less of a mess to clean up so that it does not get on the floor or on the bed at night.

Cloth training pants are more like regular panties for kids and these are what needs to be used. The diapers and Pull Ups or any similar items need to be gone completely from the home when potty training begins.

It may sound scary to get rid of all of them. They are what you are use to too, as is your daughter and she may become upset at first at the thought of the diapers or Pull Ups being gone.

However when they are gone and your daughter can not use them and has no option to use them, she will learn to be potty trained. Kids do naturally pick it up when their choices have been limited and most children do not want to be wet or soiled either. Once she feels that she will much prefer to potty on the toilet versus going in a diaper.

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