Recommended by Dr. Jim Sears

Cotton Training Pants for Girls by Potty Patty

" Potty training is a multi-tiered process. Now that your child is potty training, diapers are yesterday's news. At this stage, it is all about consistency. You will not want to go back to diapers at this point, and training pants should be the next phase of potty training, with the ultimate goal ..." Read More

The Potty Patty Doll

" The Potty Patty Doll was designed for the Potty Training in One Day method, but is a great tool potty training in general and is also the perfect doll for girls! The Potty Patty Doll includes the following items: 1) Potty Patty - Potty Training Doll that is specially designed to Potty ..." Read More

Waterproof Cotton Training Pants for Girls

" Want to stop using disposable diapers and pull-ups, and start using cloth training pants, but are worried about accidents making a big mess and leaking everywhere? These Potty Patty - 2 in 1 WATERPROOF PUL Potty Training Pants are designed for moms who want to use cloth training pants, but do ..." Read More

Dr. Jim Sears

" Meet Dr. Jim Sears of the Sears Family of doctors! Go to their website to learn more about the Sears Family. Jim (James) Sears M.D., is a board certified pediatrician . He shares a private practice with him Father - William Sears and his younger brother Robert Sears. Dr. Jim as he ..." Read More

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