Tips from Other Parents

" Here are a number of potty training tips directly to from ClubMom members. ClubMom ® is the premier online destination for moms, by moms — bringing together the best of what real moms have to say on topics they care about most. Through quality content submitted by thousands of mom contri ..." Read More

Potty Training Attire

" Excerpt taken from Potty Training For Dummies Being dressed to promote easy potty moves goes a long way toward making your kiddo hunker down and become a top cadet. Here, we look at the right kind of clothes and potty training pants for a toddler success story. Your little one must be a ..." Read More

A Child's Perspective

" Potty Training A Child's Perspective Have you really stopped and thought about potty training from a child's perspective? Imagine yourself to be a child. At about the average age of 12-18 months, you begin to associate the feeling of fullness with the elimination that ..." Read More

As SEEN in Parent's Magazine

" Achieve Success in Record Time Need more INFORMATION ? What is Potty Training in One Day? Does it really work? What do I need? ..." Read More

How to Potty Training Your Little Girl

" The five potty training methods I think the hardest part of any task (including potty training) is figuring out HOW you are going to do. Once you have figured it out, then it is a matter of getting everything together and j ..." Read More

Potty Training Girls

" Potty training is a learning experience for both parents and children. When it comes to potty training girls, the good news is that girls are a little more advanced than boys. However, it will still take persistence and consistency to help teach them to use the potty and no longer use a diaper. ..." Read More

Girls Bed Wetting Tips

" Bed-wetting can happen during the toilet training time and even occasionally afterwards. The child's body has simple not made all the connections yet to let them know that their bladder is full and they need to wake up to use the bathroom. This is especially true when potty training, however you ..." Read More

Hygiene Considerations for Girls Potty Training

" When potty training hygiene is definitely a consideration for both genders, however, special consideration need to be given to avoid future problems with infection. Even after a child has been potty trained and has accepted the full responsibilities associated with potty training i.e. getting to t ..." Read More

Toilet Training at 2 Years Old

" Many first time moms are hesitant to start potty training; they talk to their pediatrician, read books and ask the advice of friends. You ask how to potty train, and what age to start potty training; this can be a little tricky as each child develops at his or her own rate, however a recent s ..." Read More

Toilet Training at 3 Years Old

" Potty training can take different amounts of time for every child. Since every child is different, there is no quick answer on how to get a child to toilet train. However, there are some definite tips and tricks that can help with the potty training and hopefully get the child to want to use th ..." Read More

Toilet Training at 4 Years Old

" Many parents wait to potty train their four year old, however this is a long time to wait when there are no behavioral or mental problems that are taking place. This is an important milestone that a child needs to meet and they cannot go to preschool if they are not toilet trained yet by this a ..." Read More

Bowel Movement Resistance

" Bowel Momement Resistance Not pooping in the potty! So what do you do if your child will not go or refuses to go poop in the potty or the toilet. I hear from moms who tell me that their child will pee in the potty - so in fact the child will urinate in the ..." Read More

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