10 Tips On Parenting A Toddler Girl

Having a little girl is an amazing experience for parents. A girl is so different than raising a boy and each child comes with their own behaviors and personality too. Whether this is your first child and you are having a girl or this is the first girl you are having, there are some tips on parenting a girl know about.

  1. Girls can be more emotional. Girls are naturally more emotional over all and can get upset more easily or cry more easily than a boy even. It is not to say that all girls do though either. They still each have their own personalities, even when there are multiple girls in the family and their behaviors will be different, so keep that in mind too. But, they do more easily show emotions and are more apt to cry or become upset.
  2. Though girls do cry, it does not mean that they are cry babies or should not cry, it is just their way of expressing their emotions. They may not always be able to express themselves with words and this can be frustrating and crying is sometimes the only way they can get their emotions out. However, it also does not mean that you should let it go on and on either. You still need to set limits to crying or acting out as well.
  3. It is okay for girls to play with boy toys. They can play with trucks or dinosaurs or other toys that are typically associated with boys. This is okay and it is a way for them to learn and to learn about the world around them. Playing with a variety of toys is healthy and lets them express themselves, as well as learn what they like and dislike too.
  4. Girls do like pink and purple and butterflies and dolls too. For whatever reason girls are prone to choose these colors or these items. Plus, when they are babies we dress them in colors to make it more obvious if they are a boy or girl. Playing with dolls and liking pink and purple is okay too. This does not mean that she will be too girly or too feminine in any way either. It also does not mean that these will be the only colors and toys she will ever like as well.
  5. Do let them dance and play and be creative and imagine. Sometimes playing with different toys and doing different things allows them to express their creativity and opens the world up around them too.
  6. Girls can play sports and they do not have to do dance or gymnastics, unless they want too. There is soccer, baseball and even football for toddler girls to start learning. Girls can play and participate in a lot more sports now than ever before.
  7. It is okay for them to get dirty too and be messy and play in the dirt. Again, this is not reserved only for boys and some girls do seem to enjoy this much more than other activities. It does not mean that she will be a tom boy either. Again, it is just another way for her to learn about the world around her. 
  8. Girls do take longer to get over things and can get their feelings her more easily than a boy can. Girls do seem to hold a grudge longer and they need to be taught to let some of this go and to forgive and forget.
  9. They always need hugs and kisses and to know that they are safe and secure. No matter how old they get, but especially when they are toddlers and learning so many new things.
They need to have consistency in every aspect of their lives, as much as possible, not just potty training.

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